Internet moves forward :)

Internet technology moves forward, but not everyone wanted to use the innovations of online games are for the games that do not need or graphics, or advanced graphical and sound effects. They are familiar to many readers of MUDs (Multi User Dungeon, or Multiple User Dimension) – Text feature online games that are older than the Internet itself, as developed in the university network in 1970-1980. What is playing a MUD? In short: the game itself needs a program called simply the terminal (eg telnet). All volunteers are connected via the terminal server MUD and then create an account, or create their character that will traverse the (mostly) fantasy world. The game is to travel across the created world, rolling walk, collecting items, discussions with other participants in the game, its task. All directed by commands, such as it south, kill, etc., as a result of the screen shows a description of what the command has caused. The character gets in the way of experience, which is the position of the players. Everyone using the MUD and can be combined into groups and travel together, making it easy to play and makes it more interesting. MUDs often do not have a specific purpose, and – interestingly enough – there must be an end.
The judgment that MUDs are boring, because it’s just the text … is wrong, the game just seems primitive in terms of current technology, but in combination with the human imagination can drag and develop, because here we do not go and shoot to everything that moves.


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